Frýdlant Lookout Tower on the top of Resselův Vrch

The stone lookout tower on the top of Resselův Vrch, situated to the north of Frýdlant, was built in 1907.

The structure replaced the originally wooden lookout tower (built in 1890). The tower is 21 metres high. From the top, you can spot, for example, Mount Smrk, Hejnice, Ptačí Kupy or Frýdlant. Access: on foot, along a tourist trail marked from Frýdlant; by car, you can get just under the lookout tower.

Position: 2 km to the south from Frýdlant.

- the yellow trail from the railway station in Frýdlant v Čechách (2.5 km)
- from T. G. Masaryk Square (yellow trail), past the Town Hall, along Mládeže Street, past the swimming-pool, along Strmá Street up to the lookout tower (2 km)
- by car: to the cemetery and from there on foot (0.5 km)
- bikers may follow the cycling trail No. 3016 Andělka – Bártlovka with a branch to the lookout tower (300 m).

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