Žacléř City Museum

The Museum is designed so that the visitors successively go through the four parts of the permanent exhibition organized in a well-arranged manner informing visitors about the interesting history of Žacléř and its close vicinity.

In the first part of the exposition, you may learn, among other things, when the city of Žacléř was established, how many names it was given, which significant monarchs visited it, how Friedrich II became a citizen of Žacléř, how the Stachelberg Fortress was built, and what a railway station looked like in the past. You will also find out that many successful industrial companies operated in Žacléř in the past.

In the second part of the permanent exposition, you may get acquainted with significant people who made their mark on the history of the town.

The third part of the exposition focuses on mining. Among other things, there is installed a model of a mine's cross section. Other interesting objects evoke the atmosphere of difficult and exhausting work that miners did day by day.

In the last room of the exposition, engravings by Erich Fuchs and displayed exhibits may give you an idea about the common life of our ancestors.

If you would like to see the tools that housewives used to wash and iron linen, produce butter, scatter corn, bake bread, or what tools were used for example by tailors and joiners, or what toys children used to play with in the past, you will have a chance to get a mental picture from history right in this part of the exposition.


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