Museum of National History and Geography - Železnice

The Museum in Železnice was established in 1917 and is located in listed buildings. The Museum includes the gallery of T.F. Šimon, printmaker, serving as the premises where regional authors\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\' exhibitions are also held.

Nowadays, the Museum offers several permanent expositions:
1. Merchant's store dating back to the 19th century
2. The exposition titled “From the life of our ancestors (furniture, articles of daily use)
3. The life and work of František Zikmund, academic painter, native of Železnice
4. Guilds in Železnice (flags, painted signs, guild laws)
5. Prussian-Austrian War 1866 - reminder of the battle at Jičín.

The Museum also comprises the T.F. Šimon Gallery especially presenting works by local artists.

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