Dětenice Chateau

The Dětenice Chateau is situated some 70 km to the northeast of Prague, at the edge of Český ráj.

The original fortress was first mentioned in 1404. By the end of the 16th century it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style by the Křinecký family from Ronov. When the Dětenice chateau was bought by Jan Kristián, Count Clam-Gallas, it was renovated in the late Baroque style. During the period of 1762-65 Zachariáš Fiegert, architect, designed the present look of the building. Later, during the repair work for the Maltese Knights just minor changes were made.

At present, the chateau offers well-preserved Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque frescos, wall paintings and rococo and classicist stucco decorations. In addition, there is a gallery with a rich collection of paintings, armoury and trophies.

The Dětenice Chateau is a place where historic programmes, rococo balls and medieval feasts take place. In the park you can come across well-preserved sculptures from the period of classicising Baroque.

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