ŠKODA Museum

The ŠKODA Museum (see metal trail) was opened in 1995 to mark the centenary of the Mladá Boleslav car manufacturer. It is housed in the old production buildings of the company of Laurin and Klement from 1899-1911 and presents its visitors with an extensive collection of historic cars. In 2012, the museum was reopened after a long-term reconstruction.

The corporate ŠKODA Museum showcased a unique collection of Laurin & Klement and ŠKODA vehicles. The permanent exhibition introduces the history of the car manufacturer from Mladá Boleslav as one of the oldest makes in the world. Voiturette from 1905, the first vehicle manufactured in Mladá Boleslav is among the exhibits.


The exhibition is divided into three sections – Tradition, Evolution and Precision. Besides static presentation, the new concept brings interactive elements and audio-visual media aiding emotional interpretation of individual topics.

The Tradition section presents the values of the ŠKODA make – Pride, Everydayness and Challenges symbolised by three pairs of vehicles. Each pair is accompanied by a display cabinet with exhibits unveiling exciting, documentary, bizarre and also intensely personal stories.

Busts of the company founders, Messrs. Laurin and Klement are the first exhibit visitors see in the Evolution section. The chronological sequence of milestones of automotive development with parallel technical collection gallery presenting major points of technological development is the dominating feature of this part of the exhibition. The stand with vehicles on four levels on the other side of the room presents an impressive image with twenty variably arranged exhibits. Visitors can use the interactive multimedia element – the so called ŠKODA Lab – to delve deeper into individual topics.

The Precision circuit focuses on the genius loci – the factory in Mladá Boleslav is presented in the restoration workshop as a historic place of car manufacture, as well as a place caring for automotive tradition, where modern means are used to restore vintage cars. Vehicles in various stages of restoration are showcased on four lift platforms – starting from “as found” condition all the way to “the gem”. The current car manufacturing process can be observed in the panoramic cinema.

Visitors to the museum can include the repository in their tour, as it is open to public. Enquire at the ŠKODA Museum reception desk about the current opening hours of the repository. A collection of sports cars, prototypes, as well as vehicles produced in series can be seen in the repository. The repository is situated 150 m from the ŠKODA Museum behind the ŠKODA Customer Centre in the building of the former agricultural engineering works and foundry.​


Cars were manufactured in the location of the former manufacturing plant established in 1895 by two passionate cyclists – the mechanic Václav Laurin and the bookseller Václav Klement still in the 1930s. The museum building itself is an exhibit, as the oldest wall in the building dates back to 1899 and used to belong to the part of the company manufacturing the Bronz engines. The museum was established here in 1995 to mark the hundredth anniversary of the establishment of the Laurin & Klement company and underwent comprehensive reconstruction in 2012. The purely industrial building thus became the “shop window of the ŠKODA make” and at the same time a major cultural centre.

Services available upon prior arrangement with the visitor service - tel. +420 326 831 134:

- Excursion to the ŠKODA AUTO manufacturing premises for visitors from 10 years of age 
- Excursion to the Na Karmeli educational centre (premises of ŠKODA AUTO University)
- Tour of the prototype repository
- Haptic tours for the blind and visually impaired
- Museum tours with worksheets for kindergartens and primary schools

- Tours of the family home of Ferdinand Porsche in Liberec – Vratislavice


The museum prepares entertaining programs, competitions and games for the youngest visitors.


The ŠKODA Museum and the permanent exhibition premises are wheelchair accessible. Tour of the ŠKODA Museum for the blind.

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