Ruin of Zvířetice Castle

The ruin of an early-Gothic castle built in the 14th century. It was protected from three sides with a high bank and strong ramparts.

The castle was founded sometime in the first decade of the 14th century by Markvartic Zdislav, the son of Havel of Lemberk, a burgrave at Prague Castle and his wife, beatified Zdislava. Zdislav (of Lemberk) is mentioned in historic documents during the 1273 - 1318 period. His sons Heřman and Markvart are mentioned under their new family residence in Zvířetice.

The ruin of the castle, situated some 4 km to the north from Mladá Boleslav, was renovated first in the late Gothic style; during the Renaissance period it was rebuilt in a fortified chateau. The manor residence was damaged by the fire of 1720 and has never been restored. The present look of the ruin, whose dominant element is the half-preserved cylindrical tower, co-creates the unique romantic panorama of the valley of the Jizera River.

The castle is open for free.

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