The Frýdlant town curtain walls

The town curtain walls meant an important element of defence to many cities, allowing the closure and protection of the area within the walls.

The curtain walls with a moat were first mentioned in the chronicles from 1381, but according to the local folklore, the walls were built as early as 1304. From 1571 the walls were being reconstructed, between 1599 and 1602 the work was being supervised by Marxe Vlacha. The walls were maintained until 1774, when after a fire they were partly sold off, partly pulled down and the moats were backfilled.

From the south side the walls were joined with the cemetery wall around the church and they are still present on the south side of the building of the deanery and a small house number 85. In the building of the deanery, there is still preserved fragment of the square tower. Inserted stair turret is probably from as late as the renaissance period. On the eastern side towards the north the walls are clearly visible between the property No.67 and No.388 (school building of Business Academy), then as a parcel boundary between houses No. 67, 66 and 65, which together form the periphery of the rear wall of the former fire station (now the bazaar). Here is another preserved fragment of a square tower, which is now parts of a court house no 56. On the northern side the wall has disappeared over the past hundred years, part of the foundations was found during the construction of the new post office in 1977.

On the north-eastern side there are preserved remains of the castle wall behind the former milk factory, where there is again visible a fragment of the square tower and a fragment of so called “executioner’s gate”.

In the castle walls, apart from the mural towers, there were located at first two, later three entry gates. In the major axis there are the Upper and Lower gate. The Upper gate with a tower was situated in the today’s Československé Armády Street (Czechoslovakian Army Street), right next to the building of the old post office No. 67 (today - Business Academy) and it was demolished in 1837. The Lower gate was situated in Míru Street, next to the house No. 35 and demolished in 1931, but the round tower, which protected it, was taken down only in 1888. The third gate so called “New” was rebuilt in 1792 in Husova Street in Empire style and its last remains were removed in 1947.

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