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Loupežník Kleofáš

To the west of Malá Skála there is a remarkable sandstone formation called Drábovna. A long time ago, people were afraid of the inhabitants of this rocky castle, and hardly anyone would dare go near it to pick wild strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. But why? The following legend will tell you. 

A gang of bandits had their hideout in the mysterious rocks, they were called the Drábové. They stole cattle from the castle and often scared little children. Everybody was afraid of them, and nobody dared stand up against them.

Each day, the bandits would go into the forest to hunt. If a nearby village was holding a fair, they did not hesitate for a second and went there to steal cakes and jams.

Their chief was Kleofáš, a brave, bearded man. One day, while looking around his home, he declared with grief: “It's nice in here, yeah, but we're missing a woman who would clean up, and who could cook something tasty with the food we steal.”

“You're right, Kleofáš,” answered the bandit Ondráš, “we should go find one.”

And when the following day Kristýnka went to the forest to pick cranberries for a cake, Kleofáš and his mates ware already waiting for her. He already knew this lovely girl was a very good cook, who knew how to clean things up, and that she did all that work while singing.

Kleofáš caught Kristýnka and took her to the bandit's liar. “Now, you will take care of our castle.” He commanded.

Kristýnka was not scared. She was not afraid of anything; she did not fear the marsh fairies, nor swamp-man. How could simple bandits scare someone like her!

When they sat her on a tree stump in the middle of the cave, she looked around and clapped her hands in disbelief. “But what a mess you've got here! It's been long since anyone cleaned this place up, hasn't it?”

Kleofáš did not say anything and nor did the other bandits. Ondráš's cheeks reddened in shame; he was so embarrassed in front of this beautiful girl!

Kristýnka wasted no time and started to clean everything up. She sang a happy song that the bandits hummed well into the evening, and their hideout was already much the merrier!

The following day the bandits went to plunder the city. Kristýnka stayed alone in the castle; she did not want to escape because they had promised her she would be severely punished if she even tried to. But she was smart, and she knew that bandits had to be dealt with differently.

When the gang returned in the evening, they brought with them a lot of good wine they had stolen, and they celebrated a very successful day! They ate the delicious food Kristýnka had prepared for them and washed it down with that fine wine. And after having drunk too much of that sweet liquid, they slept like logs.

“Great!” Kristýnka said, jumping with joy.

After she had made sure that they were all sleeping soundly, she fled to the village, running as fast as she could.

“People, people! Come, help me!” She shouted, rapping on the doors of every house. “All the bandits have fallen asleep in their rocky castle!”

They wasted no time, fetched the sturdiest ropes and ran to the forest, along the path that led to the feared castle, and once they saw the sleeping bandits, the tied them down, quickly.

“What shall we do with them?” asked Vašek the miner.

“I've got an idea!” Said Kristýnka, “they will have to work to repay everything they have stolen. They will help the village and also themselves!”

What a joy! And, in the morning, the bandits could hardly believe it!

People in the whole region talked about Kristýnka for a long time. How she managed to outsmart the most feared gang of bandits far and wide!

After some time, the brave girl chose one Jeník as her husband and a great wedding was celebrated.

The whole region sighed in relief, and people started calling the rocky castle Drábovna. Some people believe that somewhere in there is a buried treasure. Others say that the bandits ate all the food and sold all the things they had stolen. But, who knows...


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