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How the People of Turnov Learnt to Grind Precious Stones

Skřítci Titík a Jaspísek

East of Turnov there is a mountain called Kozákov. Thanks to the precious stones that can be found on its slopes, it is the subject of many mysterious legends.

It is believed that there is an Elven kingdom inside the mountain, where elves work every day in their small caves and corridors. They collect, polish and grind agates, jaspers, amethysts and other precious stones. Their work is overseen by Granát, their wise king.  

Titík and Jaspísek were two small elves who loved adventure.

“I've heard that people tell stories about us,” said Titík, who was very curious and longed to know the world of humans.

“Really?” Jaspísek, his little brother, did not quite believe him.

“So, let's pay them a visit!” He decided, in the end.

They saddled their dormice—little animals with beady eyes and sharp noses—and ran down the slope of Kozákov!

The wind sang in their ears when they arrived at the Radostné spring, from which a small brook flowed.

“Let's make a raft,” said Titík.

And together, they collected needles from the surrounding pines and spruces and tied them with long blades of grass. The raft was firm and big enough also for their dormice.

They were floating down the brook when, very near Turnov, the raft capsized and both elves had to swim to the shore, with great difficulty.

They arrived at a small cottage and, very quietly, sneaked inside. They went by the warm oven and dried themselves from tip to toe.

They slept until the morning, they were very tired after the long trip, and not even the first rays of the sun or the rooster crowing in the yard could wake them up.

What woke them up was an excited shout. “Look, Barborka! Elves!”

Titík opened one eye, then the other and saw a little boy. Jaspísek also woke up, and saw a little girl. The elves learnt that they were in the home of the Kotlera, and that those two children were Barborka and Tomáš. They all became friends in no time!

Titík and Japsísek went with the children to school and on the way back home, they talked about nature and their travels among people. In return, Barborka and Tomáš told them what they liked, what they valued and what they wished. That first encounter by the oven had grown into a great friendship.

Titík and Jaspísek lived happily in that cottage, and after some months they decided they would reward all the good people in the town for having taken them in. They thought about for some time, and they weren't able to come up with anything, until they had an idea: “We will show them our kingdom!”

And so, one sunny day, Mum, Dad, Tomáš a Barborka headed towards Kozákov; the father carrying the elves on his shoulders.

When they arrived, Titík opened the magic door of the cave and they all went into a beautiful hall that sparkled with all kinds of precious stones.

Titík and Jaspísek guided the visitors through the corridors, they saw a glittering lake and met King Granát. They told the king how good the people that lived near the mountain had been with them, and King Granát allowed the two elves to teach the family how to properly work the stones, how to grind and polish them, and where to look for them. The family went back to their cottage with great and well-deserved riches.

From then on, they would share their knowledge of the precious stones from Kozákov with other people, who in turn, shared it with others. And a grinding shop was established at the feet of Kozákov that made the region famous all over the world.

And what about Titík and Jaspísek? They loved it among the people. They would run down the slopes to visit the valleys, the villages and the towns, and they are still going on adventures in the human world.

Haven't you seen them? You must look around you carefully. And when you are in the slopes of Kozákov, looking for precious stones, remember Titík and Jaspísek and they will sure help you find a nice “little stone” to take as a souvenir.

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