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The Giant of Drábské Světničky

Obr Dráb

Not far from Mnichovo Hradiště there is a sandstone formation that looks like a mysterious castle. It is said that a long, long time ago a giant lived there. His name was Dráb. And this legend tells the story of the giant of Drábské Světničky. 

Dráb lived in the rocks, far away enough from so his thunderous steps would not disturb the quiet of the village, but near enough so he could fetch some cattle for lunch. But his wife had died and he didn't have anyone to look after him.

One day, he went to a nearby village, hoping to find a girl who would help him at his home in the rocks. He saw a beautiful girl in a field and picked her up as if she was a small sparrow.

Although Dráb was good to the girl, Anička, she was always crying and wanted to go back home.

“May I go to see my mother and father?” She asked the giant one day, “they must miss me!”

“Sure,” Dráb answered, “but you must be back in the evening!” He liked Anička very much and did not want to lose her.

The people in the village were so happy when they saw her! Anička told everyone that she was living with Dráb and that she helped him. She did not want to go back to that dark cave, but she knew she had given Dráb her word.

“You know what, Anička?” her mother thought. She wanted Anička to say home. “Take a handful of ash and sprinkle it on the way, so we'll know where the giant lives. We will find him and set you free!”

Anička agreed and while she walked back to Dráb's cave she sprinkled the ash on the way. The people went after her, but the wind had blown away the ash. Anička had to stay with the giant.

After some time, Anička asked again: “Dráb, I would like to go to the village and see if my parents are fine.”

Once again, the giant agreed: “But only until the evening.”

The day Anička spent with her parents flew by, and she had to say good-bye. This time, her mother gave her a ball of wool and told her: “Unroll this ball of wool carefully, and it will lead us to the giant's cave.”

Anička agreed and on the way home, she unrolled the ball of wool.

“Are your parents fine?” Asked Dráb when Anička returned.

“Yes, they are,” she answered, and then they heard the voices.

“What's that?” asked Dráb, but he knew that Anička had betrayed him, that she had shown the people the way to his hidden home.

The villagers gathered in front of the cave and shouted: “Let Anička go! She's a person and should live among people!”

Dráb sat on a massive block and said: “I know that people should live among people and giants among giants, but I don't have anyone and I'm happy that Anička is helping me. But fine, I will let her go, and I will reward her services. When the sun rises on St. John's day, look for the pine where the first rays will fall. You'll find a treasure.”

The people thought about it. At first, they wanted to tie the giant down and take him somewhere far. But then they saw that he wasn't evil, and that he wanted to get along with people.

 “Giant,” the bravest one called, “you're good, we won't hurt you! If you want, you can say in your cave!”

The whole village looked forward to St. John's, impatiently. Everybody was already up at dawn and watched were the sun would come out. As soon as the rays fell on a huge tree, they started to dig. And it was true! They found a chest full of treasure! It was Dráb's reward for Anička.

The people started to visit Dráb so he would not feel so lonely, and every visit made the giant very happy. When they needed it, Dráb helped them plough the fields and reap the harvest. The people liked Dráb and Dráb liked the people. And from this great friendship comes the name of these rocks, which everyone calls Drábské Světničky.

If you go to Drábské Světničky, do not forget to look into every nook and cranny. Dráb did not hide all the gold coins under one tree; he hid some also in the cave where he lived. You might get lucky!


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