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Twelve Legends from Bohemian Paradise

postavy, author: Barbora Kyšková

Twelve legends will take you through the entire area of the Bohemian Paradise tourist region.  

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The Origin of Rubies

Víla Jizerína

One day, at the feet of the Jizerské hory Mountains, near Bohemian Paradise, in a place where the Jizera River flows among tall beeches and oaks, a dark-red ruby appeared. It was discovered thanks to Petr's love for Leontýnka. This legend tells their story. 

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Loupežník Kleofáš

To the west of Malá Skála there is a remarkable sandstone formation called Drábovna. A long time ago, people were afraid of the inhabitants of this rocky castle, and hardly anyone would dare go near it to pick wild strawberries, raspberries and blueberries. But why? The following legend will tell you. 

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How the People of Turnov Learnt to Grind Precious Stones

Skřítci Titík a Jaspísek

East of Turnov there is a mountain called Kozákov. Thanks to the precious stones that can be found on its slopes, it is the subject of many mysterious legends.

It is believed that there is an Elven kingdom inside the mountain, where elves work every day in their small caves and corridors. They collect, polish and grind agates, jaspers, amethysts and other precious stones. Their work is overseen by Granát, their wise king.  

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Hrubá Skála and the Black Knight

Černý rytíř

Once upon a time, in the middle of the green forests of Český Ráj stood a great castle whose reputation was famous all over the country. It looked like the nest of a bird of prey; it had been built on the highest rock and looked over all the valleys in the region. It was also covered by tall trees that defended the castle from the attack of enemies. It was called Hrubá Skála. 

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Panna a baba

Probably, the most famous landmark of Bohemian Paradise is Trosky. Its basalt towers guard forests, ponds and valleys, and from each of them, visitors can have a beautiful view of the four corners of our country. The eastern tower, the taller, is called the Maiden, and the western one, the lower, is called the Crone.

And there's a legend that tells the origin of these mysterious names. 

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About the White Lady

Bílá paní

On the east of Lomnice there are two high hills. The smaller looks like a broken tooth and it's called Bradlec. The higher is covered with trees and it is called Kumburk. They have both been through a lot and there are many legends about them. Here is one: 

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A long, long time ago, in Prachovské skály lived a restless elf. They called him Pelíšek, He liked helping all his friends, but sometimes he played pranks on them, which made him laugh all day.

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The Origin of Zebín


The surroundings of Jičín are dominated by Zebín, a high hill with a small chapel on its summit. Not many people know how this hill came to be and who built that small chapel on its lonely summit. There is a legend that tell us about it. 

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The Snake Well

Hadí studánka

The people, who lived near Humprecht, by the wide dirt road that led to Kost Castle, often went to a well that was so clear that the water shone and you could see almost all the way to the bottom. But nobody took water from this well, nobody ever drank from it. They did not want dust to settle on the surface, and they looked after that blue beauty. And why? The legend of the snake well will tell us.

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The Water Goblin

Vodník Čeperka

To the south of Jičín, between Dětenice and Kopidlno, there are shiny ponds lined with reeds that reflect the sun's rays on their blue surface. There, among the fish and the tadpoles, lives the water goblin Čeperka 

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