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Film locations

There are about 100 other locations in Bohemian Paradise where Czech fairy tales and films have been shot. The most famous ones include Vesec u Sobotky, Kost Castle, the Kopicův statek Farm in the Hruboskalsko Region and the Podtrosecká údolí Valley with Věžák, Vidlák and Nebák Ponds.

The Town of Jičín

Jičín - náměstí

The town and its surroundings were made famous mainly by writer Václav Čtvrtek and painter Radek Pilař. They gave life to Rumcajs the Highwayman, his wife Manka, their son Cipísek and other characters who have been an inseparable part of the lives of children for several generations.

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Kost Castle


Both the interiors and the exteriors of the castle have appeared in many films and fairy tales, such as The Brothers Grimm, the horror movie Hannibal Rising, Snow White: A Tale of Terror, etc.

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Mladá Boleslav

Mladá Boleslav

The town of Mladá Boleslav has appeared in many Czech and foreign movies such as Mission Impossible and the Czech movie Grandhotel.

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