Bohemian Paradise in Fairy-Tales and Films

Český ráj (Bohemian Paradise) is also a paradise for film-makers, especially for those who make fairy-tales! It is not difficult to find fairytale locations for shooting in the region. Chateau parks and courtyards, Kost, Frýdštejn, Valečov, Valdštejn, Trosky and Zvířetice castles, Věžický rybník pond, Kopicův and Dlaskův statek (farms), the Emperor’s Corridor in Prachovské skály (rocks), Podsemínský mlýn (mill) and the mill in Střehom and the village square in Vesec are only some of the places that have appeared in film fairy tales. Next to Jičín is Řáholec forest where highwayman Rumcajs, a popular Czech fairytale character, his wife Manka and son Cipísek used to live. Foreign film crews have also used Bohemian Paradise on several occasions; the US comedy The Beautician and the Beast was filmed both in the interiors and exteriors of the Sychrov Chateau.

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